Stone Cold Fox's new single 'Contagion' off of their upcoming EP "Tunnel Vision".
Out now on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Downloadable link:

"Contagion is a song born out of the frustrations of conformity and trends that every musician has to struggle with and recognize. The song is a culmination of a two year journey to find our own musical identity that we can feel comfortable being in, like figuring out your first not awkward haircut. Musically we wanted to use familiar sounds and elements but arranged in an unfamiliar way, incorporating both the danceability of electronic music and the energy of rock and roll."

"quickly gaining a following for its unique sound" -Yahoo Music

"perfectly fuzzed out" -The Wild Honey Pie

"impressive sense of presence" -Unsigned and Independent

"It's nearly impossible to define Stone Cold Fox's sound with one word, and while it's obvious that their arrangements are rooted in familiar influences, the songs themselves seem to transcend any classic underpinnings to emerge as something far more elusive. Not quite rock, and yet not quite electronic, Stone Cold Fox fall everywhere and nowhere on the spectrum to occupy a classification of their own."

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